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YES NATURAL Herb Lozenges 草本喉糖 (150g)

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草本喉糖 Herb Lozenges Throat Soothing Natural Candy Mint Health Care Food 3gx50s 


Sugar, maltose, mushroom mycelia fermented liquid (ganoderma lucidum fermented liquid, agaricus blazei fermented liquid, phelliuns lintenus fernented liquid, cordyceps sinensis fermented liquid, antrodia cinnamomea fermented liquid), cornstarch, mint, licorice, ligusticum, amomum villosum, beliflower, tangerine peel, terminalia, glucose, menthol 

成分 砂糖、麦芽糖、菇蕈菌丝体发酵液(灵芝菌丝体发酵液、巴西蘑菇菌丝体发酵液、桑黄菌丝体发酵液、冬蟲夏草菌丝体发酵液、樟芝菌丝体发酵液)、玉米淀粉、薄荷、甘草、川芎、砂仁、桔梗、陈皮、诃子、葡萄糖、薄荷脑 


- Contains a variety of natural herbal extracts and six polysaccharides 

- Throat can also be fully soothed and moisturized 

- Does not contain any coloring, artificial flavors 

- The "sweetness" of throat sugar comes from real granulated sugar, maltose, and herbs 

- Made in a natural 

- Make your breath smell good 

特色 - 含有多种天然草本植物精萃,以及六种菰蕈複合多醣体 - 享受清凉的同时,喉咙也能够得到充分的舒缓与滋润 - 不含任何色素、人工香料、调味剂 - 特别降低糖度,喉糖的「甜」都是来自真实的砂糖、麦芽糖与草本植物 - 以天然、传统的方式製造 - 促进唾液分泌,使您口气芬芳

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