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Sonnentor Organic Chamomile Tea, 18 tea bags

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Product Highlights:

Sonnentor Chamomile tea is freshly brewed from high-quality German Chamomile flowers which tastes spicy-aromatic. The yellow tea tastes great if it is sweetened with honey and lemon.

Delight your day with yellow? Let’s boil, brew and be blissful!


  • Certified Organic (Austria Bio Garantie)
  • Low in caffeine content.
  • Alkaline food.
  • Suitable for vegan.


The shimmering yellow Chamomile tea in the cup promises a sweet fruity and floral fragrance experience. It also offers a fruity-floral tea experience with an intensely sweet finish and a slight lemon note.


Country of Origin



Organic German Chamomile

Did You Know?

The timing of the gathering is critical to Chamomile, because it significantly affects the quality of the flowers. Ideally, Sonnentor gathers all the flowers on the third to fifth day after blooming, the best timing of gathering for German Chamomile.

Additional Information

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Benefits Relaxing, calming. Ideal for insomnia (sleepless)  Good for stress, anxiety and depression conditions. Beneficial for female condition.  Used for dressing wounds, rashes, and eye infection.  Eye compress with cold tea bags helps to soothes tired eye, relieve eye bags and dark circle. 

Usage Instruction

Suggested Serving: The sweet aroma of Chamomile tastes excellent with dark chocolate desserts which are dominated by a floral note that is simply amazing! It can also be served with summer salads. Tip: Sweeten the tea with honey and lemon juice for more harmonious flavor!* To soothe tired or strained eye: Chill the Chamomile tea bags (after brewed) in refrigerator, do eye compress with the tea bags for 15 mins.


Store in tightly covered jars. Store in a cool dry place. Avoid from direct sunlight. 

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