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GRASSROOTS OF LIFE Turmeric Brown Sugar (Old Ginger) 纯酿姜黄黑糖 (老姜母)

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GRASSROOTS OF LIFE Turmeric Brown Sugar (Old Ginger) 纯酿姜黄黑糖 (老姜母) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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自然农法姜黃, 老姜母, 黑糖, 麥芽糖

内容量 : 

250gm ± 3 %
包装 : PETE 1 环保朔料

保存方式 :

产品存放阴凉处,开封后需放入冰箱生产与制造 :以产於南投之自然农法姜黃、無农药栽培之老姜母、搭配黑糖与麥芽糖熬制的重低糖之姜糖塊


  • 舒缓胃气及涨风的不适
  • 滋补养生饮,可舒缓生理期不适
  • 严选天然草本素材(姜黃)
  • 遵循传统古法熬煮
  • 融入美味, 健康, 养生
  • 纯天然姜黃素
  • 健康零食可沖泡
  • 100%無添加人工色素
  • 全素Vegan


Natural Farming Turmeric, Old Ginger, Brown Sugar, Maltose, Content Quantity : 250gm ± 3 %
Packing : PETE 1 Environmental Protection


Product should be stored in a cool place. Upon opening, keep refrigerated

Production: the 100% natural agricultural method produced in Nantao City Of Taiwan, pesticide-free organic ginger & turmeric, blend and fermented to become low-sugar ginger candy with brown sugar and maltose.


The natural herbal materials (ginger & turmeric) are blend and fermented following the traditional ancient method; hence it can help in:

  • Soothes the upset of stomach and colic
  • Nourishing health drink which can relieve physiological discomfort
  • Incorporate delicious and healthy
  • Pure natural cur-cumin
  • Healthy snacks for brewing
  • 100% no added artificial colour
  • Vegan

How to consume:

Can be diluted and use as hot warm health drink, or it can be directly put into the mouth as a healthy snack


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