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Organic Millet Milk Powder 有机小米植物奶 700gm

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✓ Gluten Free (GF)
✓ Lactose-free
✓ No Added Sugar
✓ Rich in B Vitamins, especially B6
✓ Excellent for Pregnant and Lactating Mothers

Our Millet Milk consists of millets are rich in B Vitamins, especially B6. Millets also contain Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium and Zinc. A good source of lecithin and choline that helps to keep cholesterol in check. Alkaline-based beverage that is good for the spleen, pancreas and stomach while benefiting patients suffering from acidosis, colitis, ulcers and urinary disorders.

Preparation Method:
1. Pour 25gm of millet milk powder into a cup.
2. Add 150ml of lukewarm water.
3. Stir briskly.

Breakfast/Baking: Add 1 tablespoon to cereals/Perfect substitute for milk in any recipe
Infant Meal: Add 30ml lukewarm water to 25gm of millet milk powder and mix well.

Ingredients: millet, quinoa, soy extract powder, honey.

Product of Malaysia

✓无添加糖 ✓无乳糖 ✓不含乳制品和麸质 ✓不含反式脂肪 ✓无胆固醇 ✓无人造甜味剂或香料 ✓无防腐剂和色素 由有机小米、有机藜麦、有机大豆萃取粉、有机蜂蜜组成。非常适合怀孕和哺乳期的母亲。


 饮料:1-2 包加入 50ml 冷水,然后加入 100m 热水。早餐/烘焙:在谷物中加入 1 包/在任何食谱中都可以完美替代牛奶 

婴儿餐:将 30 毫升温水加入 2-3 包中,搅拌均匀。

 营养信息 总脂肪:2.9g 饱和脂肪:2.2g 钠:24.63g 总碳水化合物:19.7g 膳食纤维:0.7g 蛋白质:3.6g 糖:4.4g 维生素 B1:0.03mg 维生素 B6:0.01mg D:0.02 能量:119kcal 钾:130.4mg 镁:18.26mg 锌:0.34mg 钙:20.11mg 铁:0.25mg 我们的小米牛奶由富含 B 族维生素,尤其是 B6 的小米组成。小米还含有钙、铁、钾、镁和锌。卵磷脂和胆碱的良好来源,有助于控制胆固醇。碱性饮料,有益于脾、胰和胃,同时有益于酸中毒、结肠炎、溃疡和泌尿系统疾病的患者。 成分:有机小米、有机藜麦、有机大豆萃取粉 和 纯蜂蜜 原产国:马来西亚

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