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DALE & CECIL Miwako Plant Milk (700gm)

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MIWAKO Milk is a lactose free formula specially formulated for growing children who needs a wide variety of nutrients for growth and development. It promotes healthy brain development and proper nerve function. MIWA is a highly nutritious and an easily digestible food for children above 12 months old.  


GABA from Germinated Brown Rice, Pea Protein, Prebiotic; FOS (fructo Oligosaccharide), plant DHA, Organic Quinoa, Organic Millet and Brown Rice.  

Benefits of MIWA Milk: 

-Lactose & Glucose free 


-Alternative milk to those with lactose intolerance 

-Wide range of nutrients for growth and development 

-Naturally consists of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, plant protein and omega 3 -Suitable for babies above 12 months 

-Suitable for babies who suffering constipation due to formula milk  

About Pea Protein

The Protein in MIWA Milk is “Yellow Pea” imported from Belgium under the name "PISANE". Yellow peas supply a unique array of amino acids, the building blocks of body tissue (including skin, hair and nails), muscles, DNA/RNA, hormones, enzymes that help your body function normally, and even your immune system.   


Some individuals simply cannot tolerate egg, milk and soy-derived protein due to allergies. For example, the milk sugar called lactose can cause severe allergic reactions that result in unwanted gastrointestinal side effects like nausea, bloating, diarrhea or vomiting. Yellow pea protein powder is suitable for almost any user.  

Plant DHA

Algae derived DHA is as effective as DHA from fish oil, benefiting especially both eye and brain development while omitting the worries of ocean-borne contaminants, decent for children consumption. 

Organic Quinoa (Mother of all grains) & Millet

Organic Quinoa is a Grade “A” and nutrient-dense food which contains all essential amino acids thus plenty of muscle-building blocks sufficient for childhood growth.. It is rich in Vitamin A, phosphorus and calcium (promote strong bone and teeth) and magnesium (induces energy production (ATP), improves bone integrity and quality sleep).  

Prebiotic (FOS) 

Prebiotic source of FOS (fructo oligosacchride) is derived from "Chicory Root Extract" which benefits guthealth of children. Nutrients found in chicory root itself include vitamin C, vitamin K, choline, and beta carotene. FOS improves digestive health by creating a healthy intestinal flora, which helps the body break down food and assimilate food nutrients better, promoting intestinal motility and bowel regularity bulking up stool.

Suggested Use

2-3 scoops mix with 150ml of warm water, mix well and ready to be served.

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