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GRASSROOTS OF LIFE Organic Bioactive Papaya Enzyme-2gx30 sachets

RM 128.00
GRASSROOTS OF LIFE Organic Bioactive Papaya Enzyme-2gx30 sachets Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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木瓜酵素是一种重要的消化酶,可以帮助分解膳食脂肪,缓解胰腺上的一些压力。通过改善消化能力,改善营养吸, 促进自然排便,增加饱腹感,有助于肥胖和减脂; 且可以治疗肠道寄生虫,有助于防止营养缺乏,确保身体得到它需要的 营养物质; 更能改善平衡失調的機能,改善體質。其抗炎能力 降低自由基并减少炎症,具有解毒作用,可舒缓燒燙傷、褥 瘡,異位性皮膚炎及化膿症。

 Papaya enzyme is an important digestive enzyme, which can help decompose dietary fat and relieve some pressure on the pancreas. It is helpful for obesity and body fat by improving digestion, nutrient absorption, promoting natural defecation, and increasing satiety; It can also cure intestinal parasites, help prevent nutritional deficiency, and ensure that the body gets the nutrients it needs; It can also improve the function of imbalance and improve the physique. Its anti-inflammatory capacity reduces free radicals and inflammation, has detoxification effect, and can relieve burns, bedsores, atopic dermatitis and suppuration.

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