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GRASSROOTS OF LIFE Double Fermented Fava Bean Powder 双重发酵蚕豆粉 (80gm)

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GRASSROOTS OF LIFE Double Fermented Fava Bean Powder 双重发酵蚕豆粉 (80gm) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Product Highlights:

– organic fermented fava beans
– probiotics
– digestive enzymes
– double fermentation process
– a bottle of 80g Double Fermented Fava Bean Powder fermented from 200g of fava beans


– 纯蚕豆发酵
– 益生菌
– 消化酶
– 双重发酵
– 一瓶80g的双重发酵蚕豆粉是由200g的蚕豆发酵而成

Why double fermentation?

– to enhance nutrients and minerals
– to increase good bacteria activities


– 加强营养素及矿物质
– 增加益菌的活跃力


双重发酵蚕豆粉 - 含有的B族维生素、钙、磷脂等成分对保护大脑中枢神经功能,提高记忆力等都有积极作用;能加速身体废物排出,对治疗长期便秘很有效果,甚至对预防结肠癌有一定作用。


Double Fermented Fava Bean Powder - It contains B vitamins, zinc, calcium, phospholipids and other components, which play a positive role in protecting the central nervous function of the brain and improving memory. It can accelerate the discharge of body waste, is very effective in the treatment of long-term constipation, and even plays a certain role in the prevention of colon cancer.


BENEFITS / 主要功效:

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