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GRASSROOTS OF LIFE Aged Vinegar C4 陈酿葡萄醋-500ml

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GRASSROOTS OF LIFE Aged Vinegar C4 陈酿葡萄醋-500ml Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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成份 : 


内容量 :

500 ml ± 6%
包装 : 黑玻璃瓶装

保存方式 : 



血液 – 血液的净化作用,保持血液呈弱碱性,抑制血压上升,降低血压,减轻肾脏负担,预防尿毒症,心脏病,肝脏,肾脏及糖尿病


对神经症,五十肩具有疗效 (五十肩就是肌肉乳酸堆积所致)

脂质之代谢 – 预防高血脂症,代谢血脂中的低密度蛋白 (VLDL ,LDL)防止血管壁动脉硬化危机,包括心肌梗塞,狭心症,心脏疾病,脑溢血,脑血栓,脑血管病变,血管老化等等

保护及促进维他命C的吸收 – 醋的酸性可以保护维他命C的氧化与破坏

抑制过酸化脂旨 – 预防细胞膜上的磷脂过酸,保护细胞及生理机能降低,预防老化,预防组织障碍以及老年痴呆症

促进肌肉新陈代谢 – 醋中含有L-肢基酸可提高皮肤再生能力,提升必需氨基酸和组织蛋白合成,促进新陈代谢防止肥胖,消除疲劳,美容




1:10 比例稀释,可添加蜂蜜,枫浆等等

提示: 天然的食疗方



陈年葡萄醋C4 100 ml
恩典酵素 100 ml
多醣体麦芽膏 100 ml
海洋矿物质 5 滴




Opening method:

Rotate it out.


Grape "MUST" from organically grown grapes, enzyme

Content volume: 

500 ml ± 6%
Packing: Black glass bottle

Storage method:

Please put it in a dry and cool place

Vinegar nutrition and efficacy:

Blood – Purification of blood, keeping blood alkalify, inhibiting blood pressure, lowering blood pressure, reducing kidney burden, preventing uremia, heart disease, liver, kidney and diabetes

Potassium in vinegar can promote the excretion of sodium in the body and enhance the resistance

For neurosis, fifty shoulders have curative effect (fifty shoulders are caused by accumulation of muscle lactic acid)

Lipid metabolism – Prevention of hyperlipidemia, metabolism of low-density proteins (VLDL, LDL) in blood lipids to prevent vascular wall arteriosclerosis crisis, including myocardial infarction, angina, heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis, cerebrovascular disease, blood vessels Aging, etc.

Protects and promotes the absorption of vitamin C – the acidity of vinegar protects the oxidation and destruction of vitamin C

Inhibition of acidified lipids – Prevents phospholipid peracid on cell membranes, protects cells and physiology, prevents aging, prevents tissue disorders and Alzheimer’s disease

Promotes muscle metabolism – L-structures-based acid in vinegar can improve skin regenerative capacity, enhance essential amino acid and tissue protein synthesis, promote metabolism, prevent obesity, eliminate fatigue, and beauty

Prevent muscle relaxation and wrinkles, eliminate brown spots, improve menopausal disorders, eliminate bad breath, treat body odor

Highly effective bactericidal and antipyretic effects on acute inflammation and inflammation of children

Consumption method: 

1:10 dilution, add honey, maple pulp, etc.

Tips: Natural Food Remedy

Natural Food Remedy for Cough Relief in Children Under 7 Years Old

If your child is suffering from a cough, try this natural remedy that is suitable for children under 7 years old. It can help invigorate their spleen and boost their immune system. 

Aged vinegar C4 100 ml
Graceful enzyme 100 ml
Pure cultivated malt 100ml
Sea mineral 5 drops

For a light cough, take it once after breakfast and dinner. For a severe cough, take 3 times a day after meals, 2 tsp per time.

This remedy is not only effective for coughing with phlegm and heatiness, but also helps to improve children's immune system. Give it a try and let us know how it works for your little ones!

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