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康宝智能生活紫砂煲3.0L是多功能又方便使用 的现在智能型紫砂煲,它不仅仅是可以煮饭,炖 焖、煲粥或煲汤,一律都难不倒它!

繁忙的时代,大家都希望可以用最方便,但也最 健康的方式,吃到最好吃的家庭料理。康宝智能 生活紫砂煲3.0L不但是妈妈们的好帮手,就算 是年轻的上班族女性一样可以在家烹煮美味有健 康的家常菜。 康宝智能生活紫砂煲3.0L最大的优点不仅仅是 方使操作和健康,紫砂还有不为人知的益处


  • 紫砂富含微量元素,如:硅、锰、钙、镁、鈉、 鉀等。 ·
  • 煮食过程能改善食物為弱碱性,对人体有益。 ·
  • 紫砂在煮食時能产生远红外线,使烹煮的飯和 料理更美味。
  • 紫砂富含鉄质,有助分解脂肪成更小的分子。

最新智能控制 ·

  • 多功能选擇煮食 •煮食时间調整 •设定时间煮食 • 煮食后自动保温时间 • 简易操作 • 外观时髦轻便 • 安全健康 • 节能环保


  1. 为了避免煮饭时粘锅,首次使用前请用洗米水填满紫砂锅,选择“White Rice”功能煮至完成。

  2. 紫砂锅对温度变化非常敏感,冷锅不应接触热水,热锅不应接触冷水。热的紫砂盖也不宜直接放在冷的平面上,如金属表面等,建议放在布或木质表面上以避免温度差导致的破裂或损坏。

Compohealth Smart Life Purple Clay Rice Cooker 3.0L is a smart purple clay pot that is multifunction al and easy to use. It can not only cook rice, but it can also stew, cook porridge or soup, which is really convenient! When we are so busy with work every day, we still hope to eat the best home-cooked meals in the most convenient and healthy way. Compohealth Smart Life Purple Clay Rice Cooker 3.0L is not only a good helper for mothers, but even young working youngsters can cook delicious and healthy home cooked dishes at home. Compohealth Smart Life Purple Clay Rice Cooker 3.0L has so many benefits that you should know

The Benefits Of Purple Clay Pot

  • Rich in trace elements, such as silicon, manganese, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc.
  • The cooking process can improve the food to be weakly alkaline, which is beneficial to the human body.
  • Purple clay can generate far infrared rays when cooking, making the cooked rice and dishes more delicious.
  • Purple clay is rich in iron, which helps break down fats into smaller molecules. Features
  • Multi-function cooking options
  • Adjustable cooking time . Pre-set cooking time
  • Automatic keep warm time after cooking
  • User friendly 
  • Stylish and lightweight appearance
  • Safety and healthy
  • Energy saving and environmental friendly


  1. To prevent sticking when cooking rice, fill the purple clay pot with rinsed rice water before first use, and use the "White Rice" function until completed.

  2. Purple clay pots are sensitive to temperature changes; do not pour hot water into a cold pot, and vice versa. The hot lid of the purple clay pot should also not be placed directly on a cold surface, such as metal; instead, place it on a cloth or wooden surface to avoid cracking or damage caused by temperature differences.

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