Protecting Your Family's Health: How to Choose the Ultimate Water System 为您和家人选择最佳的碱性饮用水系统

Protecting Your Family's Health: How to Choose the Ultimate Water System 为您和家人选择最佳的碱性饮用水系统




  1. 哪种碱性水系统对我们的健康最好?


  1. 五星级碱性过滤器与其他碱性过滤器有什么区别?


  1. 这种碱性过滤水适用于正在服药的患者吗?


  1. 我们可以将这种碱性过滤水煮沸成温水吗?矿物质在煮沸后会保留吗?


  1. 何时需要更换滤芯?

总共有五个滤芯,建议每个周期同时更换四个滤芯,总共约为+/- RM600。另一个滤芯每两个周期更换一次,约为+/- RM120,具体取决于使用程度。对于一个四口之家,通常每两年更换4个滤芯,另一个每四年更换。


The water our ancestors drank was pure and naturally filtered by mineral rocks and waterfalls, maintaining a pH level of 8.5 without any processing. Research shows that alkaline mineral water has the same pH level of 8.5 as the original single molecule water. The water molecules are very small and can penetrate the pores of ceramics, which are even smaller than human tissue membranes.

As a result, they can also penetrate human tissue membranes, allowing our tissues to immediately absorb water after drinking. That's why we need to drink water not for our mouth or throat, but for our body cells.

Here are some common questions about the 5 star alkaline water system: 

  1. Which alkaline water system is best for our health? 

An alkaline water system which can give out non-electrically electrolyzed, non-splitted and rebond water molecules, where the water is naturally filtered by mineral stones (which simulates the high rise mountain natural process).

  1. What is the difference between the 5 star alkaline filter and other alkaline filters?

The difference is very significant. Nowadays, only Korean technology can provide mineral stones for filtration purposes, while others simulate the function using electrolysis. 

  1. Is this alkaline filtered water suitable for patients on medication?

Yes, many of the patients use this filter, but it is only introduced when someone asks about it.

  1. Can we boil this alkaline filtered water for warm water? Will the minerals be retained after boiling?

Yes, we can boil the water, and the minerals will be retained. The water molecules of H2O in mineral stone filtered water do not split and rebond again like those in electrolysis, which can cause the water to re-ionize and turn back into a large molecule. Naturally mineral stone filtered water is the ancient origin process where the bad ions that stick on the H2O molecules are filtered away, restoring the water to its original state at pH 8.5. Boiling this water will not cause it to split since it has not been rebonded before.

  1. When do I need to change my filters?

There are five filters in total, and it is recommended to change four filters each cycle, which costs around +/- RM600. The other filter is around +/- RM120 and could be changed every two cycles, depending on usage. For a normal family of four, 4 filters are usually changed in two years and the other one in another four years. Most of the patients have the same extent of usage. 

In conclusion, drinking water is not just about quenching our thirst, but it is also essential for our body cells. Research on alkaline mineral water highlights the importance of using naturally filtered water with mineral stones for optimal health benefits. So, the next time you drink water, think about the quality and purity of the water you are consuming, and choose the best option for you and your family's health.

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