Production Process of Malt Essence 麥芽膏生產過程

Production Process of Malt Essence 麥芽膏生產過程

Process of production and manufacturing:

  1. 栽培麥芽 – 將小麥種子置於20度的室內,大約一天左右種子才會發芽,待種子發芽約5~7天的時間,才可以採收小麥芽使用。
  2. 將小麥放入快大機中攪碎。
  3. 糯米蒸熟 – 將麥汁与蒸熟的糯米混合加熱,持續約4小時,留下汁液。
  4. 開始進行醣化濾渣與提煉 – 壓縮過的湯汁即為純正的麥芽膏,至於需要多少時間,根據數十年老經驗師傅的說法,100斤的麥芽膏需要花費一小時。
  5. Cultivation of malt – Place the wheat seeds in a room of 20 degrees, allow the seeds to germinate, while the seeds are germinated for about 5 to 7 days, the wheat buds can be harvested.
  6. The wheat buds are ground in a high speed food processer.
  7. Steamed glutinous rice – Heat the wort and steamed glutinous rice for about 4 hours to extract the juice.

Start the saccharification (saccharide protein formation) and filtration – The compressed wort is the pure maltose. It has been commented by technical specialist who had handled this process for few decades: of 100 catty (50kg) of maltose takes an hour to extract naturally.


None of these processes involve sugar adding, but why is maltose sweet to taste? The reason being during the process of germination, the wheats will automatically convert the polysaccharide into a monosaccharide forms and this bring taste of sweetness. Therefore, the pure polysaccharide malt will taste sweet in naturally.

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