Master of Immunity: Polysaccharide 免疫力大師:多醣體

Master of Immunity: Polysaccharide 免疫力大師:多醣體


When it comes to the nutrients of mushrooms, many people think of “polysaccharides.”


Common sense knows that mushrooms have the two benefits of enhancing immunity and fighting cancer.


In fact, polysaccharides have more and more unclear effects, and in addition to mushrooms, there are many natural foods that contain different polysaccharides. These polysaccharides generally have different functions but they can also Enhance immunity.


How to enhance defense mechanisms to overcome foreign germs and threats?


The polysaccharide is directly absorbed into the body through the intestinal tract. Our gut can’t digest the polysaccharides with such a large molecular weight, so these polysaccharides will collide in the intestines. This collision process also activates the sleeping immune cells in the body and wakes up the immune system to face the external threat.


How does enhancing immunity provide physiological functions to initiate anti-cancer mechanisms?

「醣」是細胞表面的蛋白質上面 , 細胞和細胞之間傳遞訊息的媒介。而人體內擔任防禦功能的免疫細胞, 也是藉由結合蛋白質上面的醣,來傳遞防禦外來入侵物的免疫訊息。而當人體發生癌症時,癌細胞也會使細胞的表面產生不正常醣質,阻止人體免疫系統發現它的破壞,又讓細胞傳遞錯誤訊息,使不正常癌細胞得以快速複製、發展。因此研究者發現,人體細胞上的蛋白質必須結合醣,發生蛋白質醣化才能表現出它的功能。 

“Saccharide” is a medium that transmits information between cells on the surface of cells and between cells. The immune cells that act as defensive functions in the human body also transmit immune messages against foreign invaders by binding the saccharide on the protein. When the human body develops cancer, the cancer cells will also cause abnormal saccharide formation on the surface of the cells, prevent the human immune system from discovering its destruction, and let the cells transmit wrong messages, so that abnormal cancer cells can be quickly copied and developed. Therefore, the researchers found that proteins on human cells must bind to saccharide, and protein saccharide formation can performed in accordance to its normal function.


Therefore, in daily life, proper consumption of polysaccharide foods, such as Brazilian mushroom powder, polysaccharide malt extract and pure malt drink can help improve immunity to maintain good health; it also provides physiological functions to enhance anti-cancer. The opportunity for results to maintain a good quality of life.

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