It is not what we have added in, but is what we don’t… 不是我们在食物里加了什么,而是我们没有加入什么...

It is not what we have added in, but is what we don’t… 不是我们在食物里加了什么,而是我们没有加入什么...


  1. 亚硝酸钠和硝酸钠: 用于保鲜肉类,使其色彩鲜艳。但在烹饪时,它们可能转化为与某些癌症有关的物质。可在培根、热狗和其他加工肉制品中找到。

  2. BHA 和 BHT: 用于防止食物变质,但被认为对身体潜在有害,可能干扰荷尔蒙。可在谷物、香肠和许多加工食品中找到。

  3. 溴酸钾: 用于面包中使其蓬松,但已被证明在动物中导致癌症并干扰荷尔蒙。可在像Wonder Bread这样的商业面包中找到。

  4. 高果糖玉米糖浆: 这种由玉米淀粉制成的甜味剂可能导致体重增加和许多其他健康问题。可在苏打水、沙拉酱和罐装蔬菜中找到。

  5. 反式脂肪或氢化植物油: 用于使包装食品保质期更长,但对心脏有害,增加其他健康问题的风险。可在快餐和烘焙食品中找到。

  6. 人工食品着色剂/食品染料: 与癌症和行为问题有关,存在于各种加工食品中。

  7. 人工甜味剂: 无热量的甜味剂可能致癌,与代谢和胰岛素问题有关。

  8. 味精(谷氨酸钠): 用于加工食品中的增味剂,可能刺激食欲并导致体重增加。存在于许多加工食品中。

  9. rBGH 和 rBST: 乳制品中的生长激素与癌症等健康问题有关,存在于牛奶中。

  10. 人工香精: 用于增强食物风味的化学化合物,通常表明高度加工的食品,存在于糖果、苏打水和快餐中。


In the bustling landscape of packaged foods, it's easy to overlook what goes into our favorite snacks and meals. Behind the convenience and vibrant packaging lie additives that can impact our health. Join us as we uncover ten common culprits found in processed foods, from preservatives to sweeteners, and explore the potential risks they pose.

  1. Sodium Nitrite and Sodium Nitrate: Found in bacon and hot dogs, these can turn into cancer-linked substances when cooked.

  2. BHA & BHT: In cereals and sausage, these additives, used to prevent spoilage, may have hormonal effects.

  3. Potassium Bromate: Adds fluffiness to bread but has been linked to cancer; found in commercial bread like Wonder Bread.

  4. High Fructose Corn Syrup: In soda and dressings, it can lead to weight gain and health issues.

  5. Trans Fat or Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil: Extends shelf life but is detrimental to heart health; found in fast food and baked goods.

  6. Artificial Food Coloring/Food Dye: Linked to cancers, found in various processed foods.

  7. Artificial Sweeteners: Calorie-free sweeteners linked to potential carcinogenicity and metabolic issues.

  8. MSG (Monosodium Glutamate): A flavor enhancer in processed foods, associated with appetite stimulation and weight gain.

  9. rBGH and rBST: Growth hormones in dairy linked to health issues, present in cow's milk.

  10. Artificial Flavors: Chemical compounds in candies, sodas, and fast food, indicating highly processed foods.

In the quest for healthier choices, knowledge is our ally. Choose natural preservation methods like fermentation and stick to whole foods. Opt for packaged foods with pronounceable ingredients, avoiding harmful additives. To identify food additives from labeling, look for codes such as "E" followed by numbers (e.g., E621 for monosodium glutamate), indicating they are part of the European food additive numbering system.

While natural alternatives to chemical preservatives may be less effective, they offer a healthier option without the associated health risks. By steering away from additives like sodium nitrites and artificial sweeteners, and embracing natural preservation methods, we take control of our well-being. Let's make informed decisions, choosing whole foods and ingredients we can pronounce, as we savor not just the taste but the essence of a healthier lifestyle.

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