Eat Healthy, Live Happy: The Story of Healthy Buds 吃得健康,活得幸福:食在健康的故事

Eat Healthy, Live Happy: The Story of Healthy Buds 吃得健康,活得幸福:食在健康的故事


初创之初,我们秉持着实实在在的健康这个理念,把店取名“食在健康”。我们的使命是通过实实在在的健康饮食,让每一位顾客都能享受到美味与健康的完美结合,吃得开心,也吃得安心。我们还选择了“Healthy Buds” 作为我们店的英文名,期许每一位有缘走进我们店铺的人都能成为“Healthy Buddies”,成为彼此的健康伙伴。




We firmly believe that adopting a dietary therapy lifestyle not only promotes health but also allows people to savor the goodness of delicious food. Driven by the well-being of our families and the pursuit of a joyful and healthy life, we made the resolute decision to venture into the organic food industry.

Right from the start, we held onto the principle of genuine health, giving our establishment the name Healthy Buds, aspiring for everyone stepping into our shop to become a "Healthy Buddy," supporting each other on the journey to well-being. Our mission is to offer every customer the perfect blend of tasty and healthy food, ensuring they enjoy their meals with both happiness and peace of mind. 

We genuinely believe that "staying ahead of illness" is not only possible but practical. Through healthy daily dietary choices and lifestyle habits, we can gradually enhance our body's health, empowering it to resist, heal, and recover when faced with challenges.

After nine years of unwavering dedication, our entrepreneurial philosophy remains unchanged. To seamlessly integrate dietary therapy into daily life, our physicians and dietary therapy team collaborate to not only provide solutions but also guide individuals on incorporating these practices into their daily routines. We are confident that through such efforts, we can collectively create a community that is healthier and happier. Every customer is more than just a patron; they are our "Healthy Buddy," and we look forward to sharing the joy of health with them, walking hand in hand towards a more fulfilling and happy life.

Wondering what it means to eat healthily? Welcome to Healthy Buds – join us in exploring the world of dietary therapy, making yourself and those around you genuinely healthy! Walking alongside Healthy Buds we eagerly anticipate continuing to bring joy and peace of mind to your eating experience in the years ahead.

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