An Alternative to Sucrose – Maltose 取代蔗糖的好选择 – 麦芽糖

An Alternative to Sucrose – Maltose 取代蔗糖的好选择 – 麦芽糖


Maltose is a low-glycaemia sweetener, which is the best choice for replacing sucrose with wheat and glutinous rice. Its sweetness is only about 40% of sucrose, mixed with sucrose, can reduce the sweetness of food, tastes sweeter. Its sweetness, moisture retention, viscosity, etc. can be adjusted as appropriately, so it is heavily relied on by the food industry, and the cost is much higher.

Common sense of Maltose:


According to the different production process and composition, maltose has different names such as rice syrup, clams syrup, block syrup, water syrup, and peach syrup. The different name given are due to the variation in processed temperature differences, and the difference in products stiffness from various processes. The higher the temperature, the harder the maltose became.


If the wheat bud juice is added during the production, with the glutinous rice is refined, the products is named “rice syrup”. For example, the glucose syrup used in the hospital contains rice syrup.


As for the origin of “clam syrup” is due to the ancient way of people who used to knock the clams to attract their customers, therefore people named it “clam syrup”, the texture is harder and is more suitable to use as candy.


“Stone syrup” is also known as “companion syrup”. By the name called, the texture is the hardest. By adding water, the color will be vary; it either turn lighter to known as “water syrup” to be used for making cakes and pastries; or the color turn peach color known as “peached syrup” used for cooking the roasted duck and popcorn dishes.


Be careful! Do not eat maltose from unknown sources. In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers add talcum to maltose. This caused powdery substances adhere to the teeth while consume. The main component of talcum powder is magnesium silicate, which is cancerous. Therefore, long-term consumption of maltose with talcum powder will cause harm to the human body, and the risk of cancer will increase greatly.

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