🌿 Introducing VitaGard: Boost Your Immune System with Friendly Bacteria! 增强免疫力,与友善细菌做朋友!🌿

🌿 Introducing VitaGard: Boost Your Immune System with Friendly Bacteria! 增强免疫力,与友善细菌做朋友!🌿


1️⃣ 刺激免疫组织:友善细菌刺激肠道免疫组织,增加抗体产生,帮助我们抵御病原体的侵袭。

2️⃣ 促进抗体循环:这些抗体在我们的身体内循环,提高应对病原体的能力。

3️⃣ 增强免疫耐受性:友善细菌促进免疫耐受性,避免攻击我们自身的细胞,减少自身免疫的风险。


"积多防护" 这个名字由两个具有特殊含义的词组组合而成。"积多"表达了积少成多的含义,象征着通过积累一点一滴的努力而达到美好的结果。"防护"意味着保护和守护。所以,当我们说 "积多防护" 时,它代表着我们致力于保护和培育内在的幸福,就像照料一座美丽的花园一样。它含有益生菌,帮助我们支持并维持健康的内部环境、保持免疫系统平衡,让我们充满活力。


积多防护以其优化肠道健康的可靠效果而脱颖而出。它结合了经过广泛研究的益生菌菌株Lactobacillus LGG和Bifidobacterium BB536。Lactobacillus LGG以促进健康肠道菌群、帮助消化和增强免疫系统的效果而闻名。Bifidobacterium BB536则促进肠道规律、缓解胃肠不适,保持肠道微生态平衡。



Did you know that incorporating friendly bacteria into your routine can enhance your immune system? Studies show that people who take probiotics experience fewer cases of diarrhea, respiratory infections, and the flu.

Here's how they help:

1️⃣ Stimulate Immune Tissue: Friendly bacteria stimulate immune tissue in the gut, increasing antibody production to fight off pathogens.

2️⃣ Circulate Antibodies: These antibodies travel throughout your body, improving responses to invading pathogens.

3️⃣ Support Immune Tolerance: Friendly bacteria promote immune tolerance, preventing attacks on your own cells and reducing autoimmune risks.

What is VitaGard?

The name "VitaGard" is a combination of two words with special meanings. "Vita" comes from the Latin word for "life" or "vitality," representing the importance of a healthy and vibrant life. "Gard" is a name derived from English and Scottish origins, signifying the role of being a protector or keeper of a garden. 

So, when we say "VitaGard," it represents our commitment to safeguarding and nurturing our inner well-being, just like taking care of a beautiful garden. VitaGard is a probiotic product that supports and maintains a healthy internal environment, helping us maintain a balanced and vibrant life.

Why VitaGard?

VitaGard stands out as a reliable ally for optimizing gut health. It combines the extensively studied probiotic strains Lactobacillus LGG and Bifidobacterium BB536. Lactobacillus LGG is known for promoting a healthy gut flora, supporting digestion, and strengthening the immune system. Bifidobacterium BB536 promotes bowel regularity, relieves gastrointestinal discomfort, and maintains a balanced gut microbial environment.

Incorporate VitaGard into Your Routine:

Take one sachet of VitaGard per day, with or without a meal. Simply mix the contents of the sachet with water or your favorite beverage. With regular use, experience the benefits of a healthier gut, improved digestion, a strengthened immune system, and overall well-being. VitaGard undergoes rigorous testing to ensure safety, purity, and potency. It is suitable for individuals of all ages and various lifestyles. Take care of your health with friendly bacteria and give your immune system a natural boost now!

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